Police Misconduct

Chicago Police Brutality Lawyers

Abuse suffered at the hands of the police or other law enforcement officers can affect you for the rest of your life. Physical harm and humiliation are bad enough, but doctored evidence or false statements made by the police can lead to a jail sentence.

Victims of police brutality and misconduct do not have to take it lying down. The law provides a means to obtain justice and compensation for the wrongs done. And by taking action, you put the police on notice that such acts are not acceptable.

Ed Fox & Associates represents victims of all types of police brutality and civil rights violations, including:

  • Use of excessive force
  • Shootings and injuries caused by police and law enforcement agents
  • False arrest
  • Falsified evidence
  • Coerced confessions
  • Injuries or property damage suffered by an innocent party in a high-speed police chase
  • Malicious prosecution or wrongful criminal charges
  • Illegal search and seizure actions
  • Wrongful death caused by misconduct or brutality
  • And other acts of police misconduct

The firm has a long track record of success in these types of cases, and will fight for you.

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Building the Case for Justice and Compensation

If you have been the victim of police abuse, there may be evidence that documents the events and the injuries, including video recordings, 911 calls, third-party witnesses, and other evidence. Ed Fox & Associates will carefully examine the facts surrounding the arrest and the events leading up to it.

Using the firm's resources and professional investigators, Ed Fox and his team of advocates will work to build a strong and persuasive case on your behalf. In addition, they will document the victim's losses, including medical costs, lost wages, costs of destroyed property, and emotional distress, and other damages to be included in your claim. Then they will develop a compelling presentation that will tell the world what really happened.

The goal of the firm will be to obtain justice and maximize the compensation you receive.

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