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Achieving Justice for You

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. is a law firm dedicated to helping people regain their dignity, achieve justice, and obtain compensation for the wrongs done to them or to a loved one. Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to achieving results for their clients.

Why Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd.?

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. was created in 1999. The firm has been continuously helping clients since that time while solely focusing on the problems caused by police brutality, employment discrimination, and nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as areas of law related to these, including wrongful death, wrongful terminations, and medical malpractice. The firm knows how stressful it is to have been victimized, whether a wrong was directed to yourself or to a loved one, and will treat you with that in mind. The firm is small enough to give each of its clients the personalized attention they require, and large enough to take on any adversary, such as the local, state, or federal government, as well as the largest law firms. The firm has all the legal research resources, financial resources, and personnel resources to accomplish whatever is required for your case.

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. attorneys all graduated from excellent law schools. They believe in the work that the firm does, and focus on just a few specific areas of law so that each of them has the expertise required to litigate every case to its fullest potential. They also routinely “brainstorm” their cases with each other so that every strategic advantage is uncovered and used to the client’s advantage. Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys have actually taken a role in shaping the law through appeals that have been won and the lower court opinions that have been decided in written decisions.

“The professionalism displayed during this whole [litigation] process  was exemplary….The very substantial settlement amount…was to us, a confirmation that we…got a wrong righted.”- JP

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd.’ attorneys litigate each of their cases to the extent required no matter how much time is needed and how many depositions are to be taken. The firm regularly obtains the best experts that are needed, when needed, so that the case can be won. Outstanding experts that have been used include professionals from many different disciplines, including nurses and doctors for malpractice cases, use of force experts for police cases, and employment experts for discrimination cases. The firm has obtained renowned experts from these professions including cardiologists, psychiatrists, police chiefs, economists, nurses and nurse practitioners.

Whether your case is a wrongful death, a medical or nursing home malpractice case, a wrongful termination case or police brutality, Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. has the attorneys with the proven successful experience, as well as the resources to get you the best result that your case deserves. The attorneys at Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. get the best results that your case deserves because they not only do all the required work, but also, because they are not afraid to go to trial when the situation demands it.

Located in Chicago, Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. represents clients throughout Illinois and the Midwest.

Nursing Home Injuries

Much of the firm’s practice focuses on litigation involving nursing homes, specifically nursing home abuse, nursing home negligence, and nursing home neglect, on behalf of current and deceased nursing home residents in addition to residents who suffered wrongful death as the result of abuse or negligence. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. aggressively pursues these cases, with the aim of obtaining relief for current residents or their relatives when the resident is deceased, and preventing further abuses.

Some of the many types of nursing home cases for which our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers have filed complaints in court include ones in which there was neglect leading the development of bed sores, ones in which a nurse gave the wrong medication, ones in which the nursing home failed to have sufficient fall prevention policies in effect, ones in which residents were permitted to wander off the premises resulting in injury, ones in which nurses permitted a resident to become dehydrated, and ones in which nursing homes failed to protect its residents from sexual or physical abuse. The firm has also successfully litigated medical malpractice cases, including those occurring at the Veteran’s Affair hospitals (also known as the VA). Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. have experience in litigating all of these and more kinds of cases.

Employment Discrimination

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. zealously represents plaintiffs in employment discrimination claims. Some examples of the kinds of cases that the firm has filed complaints in court for include race, ethnicity and age discrimination cases, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and failure to provide reasonable accommodation for disabilities. Other retaliation cases that Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. have litigated include retaliation claims, such as workers’ compensation retaliation, retaliation for reporting discrimination, and whistle blower retaliation. This occurs when an employee reports criminal or other violations of his employer and then is harassed or even worse, terminated for reporting it.

Many times, Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. have taken on employment cases to help clients with a severance package, or address wrongdoing by an employee’s union because of a breach of the duty of fair representation. Other cases include those brought under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and First Amendment violations (also known as Shakman violations) concerning terminations because of political affiliation or speaking out on a matter of public interest.

Police Misconduct and Civil Rights

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. has achieved notable successes in obtaining compensation and justice for victims of police brutality and police misconduct. The firm has litigated numerous excessive force cases resulting from tasers, batons, flashlights, or being hit, kicked or slammed into a wall by an officer who is abusing his authority. Other types of misconduct that the firm has undertaken include false arrests for drugs that were planted on the client, false arrests because the officer was trying to cover up his own use of excessive force, and false arrests simply because an officer was trying to improve his statistics (also known as “activity”).

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. has also brought the police to trial in many of these cases and also ones in which a client’s house was searched with no search warrant or a bad warrant, and the officers terrorized the residents of the house, destroying possessions on the inside. The firm has brought officers to trial whether it was a big or small case.

The firm also represents victims of malicious prosecutions, coerced confessions, unlawful strip searches, abuse by teachers, private sector employees, and other civil rights cases.

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. has a record of successful settlements and verdicts in these practice areas.

When you speak with a Chicago nursing home abuse attorney at Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd., you will meet an advocate who is dedicated to achieving justice for you. In taking your case, the firm will be committed to taking it all the way to a successful conclusion.

For a free consultation with Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd., call 312-345-8877 or send an e-mail. The firm represents clients in the greater Chicago, Illinois, area.

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I'm very satisfied of the outcome and would recommend my lawyer and the entire Ed Fox and Associates to anyone. They have made the whole process less stressful and have been really committed to my case. Five stars!!!


Ed Fox and Associates are an awesome team real hands on in every case down to the niddy griddy highly recommend for any case.


Ed Fox & Associates did a great job with my case, thanks!

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