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Many nursing home employees provide excellent care, but some nursing homes and their employees neglect their duties. The victims of this neglect often are not in a position to know they are being mistreated either because they have dementia, or simply because he or she does not know what care they are supposed to receive. For example, nursing home residents that are bed bound are at risk for bed sores. These residents should be turned every two hours so that bed sores are prevented. Most nursing home residents and their loved ones are not aware of this. Once bed sores develop they can be very painful and like many forms of nursing home neglect, its result is often physical pain, emotional distress, and untold suffering that no one should have to bear.

Nursing home neglect and negligence can include:

  • Failure to recognize or treat bedsores
  • Failure to provide adequate hydration or nutrition
  • Failure to properly diagnose various medical conditions
  • Failure to adequately screen, train, or supervise employees
  • Failure to prevent falls
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to prevent abuse by other patients
  • Allowing a resident to wander off without supervision
  • And many others

Neglect comes in all shapes and sizes. The failure to make an appropriate diagnosis after your loved one has had diarrhea can result in a wrongful death if not appropriately treated for a long enough time. The failure to timely and appropriately treat bed sores can result in the amputation of a leg or foot. The failure to treat and hydrate a nursing home resident who is dehydrated can lead to lengthy hospital stays, kidney problems and a general decline in health. The failure to have appropriate fall prevention measures in place for a resident at risk for falls can lead to broken bones, pain, and death. The failure of a nursing home to even appropriately evaluate a resident to determine if the nursing home is appropriate for that resident can lead to resident on resident abuse including sexual abuse. Some nursing homes are equipped to handle residents with behavioral problems and others are not.

In addition to the above, many nursing homes and doctors make use of physician assistants to diagnose and form treatment plans for its residents. Unfortunately, these persons sometimes are not experienced in the geriatric community and this results in missed diagnoses and inappropriate treatment plans. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. has experience litigating cases not only against nursing homes but also against physician assistants.

If you suspect that your loved has suffered neglect or nursing home abuse, you must take action.

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Obtaining Relief, Justice, and Compensation

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. can evaluate your loved one’s situation and, if he or she has suffered neglect or abuse at a nursing home, the firm can file suit on behalf of your loved one. If he or she has already passed away, the firm can still initiate a lawsuit.

By taking action, you can relieve your loved one’s suffering or that of others at the facility. You can also hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and prevent other types of neglect or abuse from occurring. You could also be entitled to compensation for the economic losses, pain, and suffering of the victim.

Successful Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. has a record of success in nursing home lawsuits. In one case, the firm obtained almost a million dollars for a 100-year-old woman who suffered untreated bed sores. In another case, Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. obtained a large confidential settlement for an elderly woman who passed away because an infection was not timely diagnosed by a physician’s assistant. In another case, the attorneys obtained a large confidential settlement because an assisted living facility represented that they could watch over an elderly resident, but actually it was not equipped to do so. The resident repeatedly had to be hospitalized for various ailments. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. lawyers are strong advocates who will not rest until justice has been served.

The firm’s attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case. They will interview witnesses, analyze medical records, and find out what really happened. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. will work to build a strong and persuasive case designed to obtain answers, justice, and compensation.

For a free consultation with Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd., call 312-345-8877 or send an e-mail. The firm represents clients in the greater Chicago, Illinois, area.

Additional information about nursing home neglect and abuse can be found on the What to do in Nursing Home Cases.

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