Nursing Home Injury Cases

Taking Action in Nursing Home Injury Cases

In Illinois, the law mandates certain standards for nursing home care. But conditions and treatment at nursing homes can vary widely, even in the same facility.

Standards of care can fall far short of what the law requires. The result can be serious injury or the wrongful death of the nursing home resident.

Signs of abuse and neglect include:

Your loved one might not be able to explain what is happening or fully aware of what is going on. It is up to you to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse, neglect, and negligence – and then take action.

Why Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd.?

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. is a law firm with extensive experience in cases involving, nursing home neglect abuse, and negligence. The attorneys are available and quick to respond to your questions. They will explain how your case will proceed and what to expect at each turn. This can be especially important when you suspect that abuse or neglect is ongoing. See the firm’s testimonials to show that they deliver.

An important part of nursing home neglect and abuse cases, like medical malpractice cases, are the medical and nursing experts that are used to prove the neglect and abuse. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. uses experienced and highly regarded doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners that become part of the team that prove your case. There are always at least two attorneys from the firm that are assigned to your case to make sure that every strategic decision is well-thought out. The medical records are reviewed by attorneys that have medical backgrounds. This is important because your loved one who suffered the abuse or neglect is either unable to describe what has happened due to dementia, intimidation or other reasons, or has passed away, and the records become the best source for proving the case.

The attorneys at Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. are not afraid to go to trial if that is the appropriate strategic move to make. They have extensive successful trial experience in both the state and federal courts. When necessary and appropriate mock trials can be conducted to determine weaknesses and strengths in a case and to capitalize on the strengths. Further, many instances of neglect are subtle, making proof of neglect or abuse difficult to do. In these situations a resident’s roommates are interviewed, and CNAs and nurses are deposed. Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. will do whatever is necessary to undercover and prove the neglect in your case.

The firm’s attorneys can discuss your situation in a free consultation.

Call 312-345-8877 to speak with a nursing home negligence lawyer.

You Must Take Action

Your loved one is in no position to do anything, and in fact he or she may be too frightened or intimidated to speak up.

You must take action to help your loved one.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has a toll-free hotline number for complaints about nursing home facilities and treatment. Call 1-800-252-4343 to discuss your concerns; a State investigator will follow up. The information and documentation the investigator develops can be of great benefit in your case.

Then call Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. at 312-345-8877. An attorney at the firm can evaluate the situation and discuss what can be done to help your loved one, as well as obtaining compensation.

Remember, your loved one is vulnerable and depending on you for help. Call Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. now.

For a free consultation with Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd., call 312-345-8877 or send an e-mail. The firm represents clients in the greater Chicago, Illinois, area.

More information about what to do in cases of suspected nursing home abuse and neglect can be found on the What to do in nursing home cases page.

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