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Fighting for Justice and Your Rights

The law is a powerful tool for those who have suffered wrongdoing by medical providers, police officers, government officials, employers, and others in positions of authority.

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. is a law firm that uses its experience to obtain justice in civil trial venues in Illinois. The firm's attorneys are knowledgeable and energetic, and the firm is determined to prevail on behalf of its clients.

Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. focuses on these areas of law:

Nursing Home Abuse -- obtaining justice and compensation for clients in cases involving nursing home neglect, abuse, and negligence in nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Employment Discrimination -- actions on behalf of employees who have suffered employment discrimination, been subjected to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliatory actions, and other violations of federal and state employment law.

Police Misconduct -- obtaining justice and compensation for victims of police brutality, use of excessive force, false arrest, and civil rights violations.

Wrongful Death -- helping family members of wrongful death victims obtain compensation in cases involving medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and abuse, police brutality, car and truck accidents, and construction accidents.

Medical Malpractice -- helping families do justice in the face of acts or omissions to act or other errors by health care providers in all areas of health related issues. This includes medication errors, surgical errors, therapy mistakes, diagnostic errors, treatment mistakes and other medical related issues.

Ready to File, Filing to Win

Unlike some other law firms, Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. is always willing to file a suit to reach the client's goals, and when it files, the firm is ready to go to all the way through trial when necessary, to obtain results for the client.

Through careful case preparation, hard work, and strong advocacy, Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd. seeks to prevail. The goal of the firm is always victory.

For a free consultation with the lawyers at Ed Fox & Associates, Ltd., call 312-345-8877 or send an e-mail. The firm represents clients in the greater Chicago, Illinois, area.

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